Der er regler for alt, selv sex. Reglerne i Complete Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge spilles der med til en hvis grænse. De vigtigste regler er angivet nedenfor.

The wild thing rules!

  1. A character can initially last a minimum of rounds equal to his/her Constitution with certain modifiers. Table 1 lists modifiers to Constitution by dexterity (remember: it’s how you use it). Table 2 lists modifiers to Constitution by strength (gotta be able to keep up). Table 3 lists modifiers to Constitution by the partner’s Charisma (charismatic partners really enhance sex, even if their Attractiveness isn’t high). If he/she wishes to continue, then he/she must make Constitution checks (Step 2).
  2. After the initial rounds pass, the character must make a Constitution check for each round he/she wishes to continue. Modifiers to this check are from Table 1 and Table 2 And Table 3, plus cumulative modifier of -1. The character also needs to make a time to climax (TTC) check. A 1 on a 1d6 for males and a 1 on a 1d10 for women indicates such an occurrence. An additional TTC roll is made and a result of 1 indicates multiple orgasms (keep rolling while 1s come up). Of course, males could have trouble continuing after this, but the player can make such decisions.
  3. A failed check means the character lost interest for whatever reason.

NOTE: In most cases it take two to tango, so remember to keep track of all participates.

Table 1: Dexterity Modifier
A. Score Modifier
03-05 -4 <– not much fun
06-08 -2
09-12 0
13-15 +2
16-18 +4 <– someone could get hurt
Table 2: Strength Modifier
A. Score Modifier
03-05 -4 <– wears out easily
06-08 -2
09-12 0
13-15 +2
16-18 +4 <– nasty
Table 3: Partner’s Charisma Modifier
A. Score Modifier
03-05 -4
06-08 -2
09-12 0
13-15 +2
16-18 +4

Conception: What are the odds?

Sure characters screw around, but it never seems like they get anybody pregnant or get pregnant themselves unless on a whim of the GM. UNTIL NOW! Below is a very simple system to make the decision fairly.

To start, get the base chance for each character (Table 1) that participated in sex and add the appropriate Constitution modifiers (Table 2). Then roll percentile dice for each person. A successful roll indicates fertility. If both are fertile than conception has occurred. Of course, this assumes that both characters are of compatible race and are at age where conception can occur (GM’s judgment), and it is the female’s fertile time of the month. Some GM’s may allow all races to reproduce offspring. Other GMs may limit which races can breed together. This decision should remain that of individual GMs, but suggestions are given in the previous section.

Table 1: Base Chance
Race Base
Dwarf 22%
Elf 13%
Gnome 20%
Half-Elf 54%
Halfling 50%
Human 77%

NOTE: The maximum age for each race was divided by 100. This number was divided into 100% to get the base chance (fractions rounded). This gives an accurate representation of how fertile an overall race is. If a GM wishes to add more races, all that would be needed is the maximum age of that race.

Table 2: Constitution modifiers
A. Score Modifier
03-05 -6%
06-08 -4%
09-10 -2%
11-12 +2%
13-15 +4%
16-18 +6%

Protection from pregnancy.

The base chance can be reduced by half if the popular technique of coitus interruptus (pulling out by the male). The male must make an ability check against (Wisdom+Dexterity)/2 where Wisdom is the willpower required to stop the fun when it gets better and Dexterity is the quickness to accomplish the mission. Only if the check is made will the chance be reduced (even if successful there is always the chance of pregnancy).

Natural condoms made of various materials could be commonly used. These include condoms made with vegetable fibers or animal tissue which would be quite rare and expense (around 10 silver pieces). Such condoms would only be effective in preventing pregnancy 25% of the time. Another option would be to lower the chance of pregnancy by 75%.

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