• Race: Human
    • Class: Fighter
    • Level:7
    • Strength: 15
    • Constitution: 16
    • Wisdom: 18
    • Alignment: Lawfull Evil




Level XP Powers Limitations Ritual
1 0 Health

Immunity to all forms of disease. (Avengers are not immune to lycanthropy and mummy rot.)

An Avenger can never retain wealth.He can keep enough treasure to support himself, pay his henchmen, and so on, but all excess monies must be given to his Liege.

In addition, 10% of all treasure garnered must be given to a lawful evil religious institution of the Avengers choice

 Fall from Grace
2 50.000 Saving Throw BonusAvengers with this ability gain a +2 bonus to all saving throws.


The ability to heal himself by draining another by the laying on of hands once a day. The paladin can drain four hit points per his experience level to a maximum of the amount of hit points the target has. If a target is killed in this way, it will raise as a

3 100.000
4 200.000 Faithful mountThe Avenger can summon a special steed at 4th level. This faithful steed might not be a horse—it may be any creature the DM deems appropriate. This steed is bonded to the paladin. However, this steed does not simply appear when called. The Avenger likely must find his mount in a memorable way, such as on a quest.
5 300.000
6 400.000 Circle of powerIf the Avenger has a holy weapon, he can project a circle of power 10′ in diameter. This circle dispels hostile magic at a level equal to twice the experience level of the paladin
7 500.000 Cannot possess more than 10 magical items.Further, these items must not exceed one set of armor, one shield, four weapons (magical arrows and bolts don’t count), and four other objects.
8 600.000
9 700.000  Poison resistanceThe character gains a +1 bonus to all saving throws versus poison.
10 800.000
11 1.000.000
12 1.250.000 Resist charmPaladins with this ability gain a +2 bonus to saving throws versus charm‑like spells and abilities.
13 1.500.000
14 1.750.000 Sphere of mightIf the Avenger has a holy armor, he can project a sphere of power 50′ in diameter. This volume dispels hostile magic at a level equal to the experience level of the Avenger
15 2.000.000

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