Demon spawn

Demon spawn

Demon Spawn,  are the result of a human (elf,dwarf,halfling) woman being impregnated by a demon or a fallen angel (nephilim)

Upon their birth, demon spawn are effectively human in terms of both their biology and psychology. The demon parent’s demonic influence remains dormant for many years until the child begins to mature. Depending on how they are raised, their nature may be suppressed and disciplined or nurtured and fed.

Those who who are raised by either human parents or clergy are often taught to control themselves and repress their true natures. Some demon spawn wonder aimlessly through life, oblivious of their heritage.


  • Race: Any 
  • Class: Any
  • Allignment: Any chaotic
  • Level: 0
Level XP Powers Limitations Ritual
0 0 +2 Str and Con

Berserk when enraged:  Fighting with a +1 bonus to hit, causing +3 points of damage, and temporarily gaining 5 hit point

Bad temper

After Beserk they find themselves extremely fatigued and must rest for one full turn before exerting themselves again

1 0

Endure Heat as 1 lvl Priest spell

Pain from holy water Maturity and must be aware of heritage
2 50.000 Resist Fire 1d6 Damage from holy water
3 100.000 Demonic Transformation:

This form is typically animalistic with fingers merged into demonic claws, elongated and demonically sharpened canines, as well as glowing red demonic eyes and a demonically furrowed brow to represent the demon within. Demon spawn assume this form also when their emotions are high

Can be banished Must spend 1 month with their parent or similar of same race or 2 months with demon spawn of higher level
4 200.000 +1 or better weapons

Plane shift once per week

5 500.000  

Demon Claws: When a demon spawn assumes their true form, they manifest the claws of a demon.

6 750.000
7 1.000.000 Demon Fangs: Upon assuming their true form, a demon spawn’s canine’s and incisors lengthen and sharpen to a razor’s efficiency to represent the demon within. Demon spawn often cannibalize their victims utilizing their fangs as the transformation brings out a taste for both demonic as well as human flesh and blood.
8 1.250.000
9 1.500.000 Demon Wings: Assuming their true form, a demon spawn’s wings
10 2.000.000 Assumes Demon form

Nephilim possible

Banished Death


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