Potion of Revert to Self

Potion of Revert to Self

School: Transmutation

Level: 3

The potion ‘Revert to Self’ counteracts any Polymorph spell on the imbiber, and brings the original true form back.


The complexity of this potion necessitates the use of 3 common and 1 rare materials, as well as 3 common and 1 rare proces. The research process takes 1d3+1 weeks at a cost of 200-400 GP.

Sally started research of this potion, when stuck on the 9th level of Hell. She found that the process would require essence from a polymorphing creature – as a rare material.


Rare material: Essence of a polymorphing creature – e.g. genitals of a greater daemon

Common material: Water, Psilocybin, Saliva from the target creature

Rare proces: The roasting proces for the Psilocybin mushrooms is done over a fire fed with gem splinters worth no less than 900 GP

Common processes:

  1. The essence of a polymorphing creature is made by cooking and reducing the raw material for a full day.
  2. The Psilocybin is extracted from the mushrooms by drying one pound of Psilocybin mushrooms and roasting the mushroom granulate gently.
  3. The final assembly of the potion is achieved by mixing the essence with the remaining components.

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